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Take the Pledge Online

The primary goal of “Take the Pledge” is to foster communication between patients and physicians.  Patients want to know where their doctor stands on the issue of physician-assisted suicide.  Our organization receives hundreds of requests for help finding doctors who oppose assisted suicide.  Many of these requests come from people who actually support assisted suicide, but don’t want their own personal physician to support this because even those who support of assisted suicide understand on a very personal level how the physician’s values can affect medical care.

To help initiate communication about this topic, we have created an adaptation of the Hippocratic Oath for doctors to display in their offices.  By “Taking the Pledge”, physicians can let their patients know where they stand.  Patients can also use this pledge as a starting point for a discussion to find out where their doctor stands.  This pledge could also be used to oppose assisted suicide legislative efforts by involving physicians directly.  Please read our PCCEF member viewpoints, messages for patients, messages for physicians, and take advantage of the pledge available for free download.  

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