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Miles J. Edwards, MD

The board and members celebrate the life of
Miles J. Edwards, MD (1930-2006)

Miles J. EdwardsDr. Edwards, a long time board member of PCCEF, died March 23, 2006 - but his positive influence on ethical issues lives on. He was a founding member, a member of the board, and secretary-treasurer of PCCEF. He affirmed the ethic that the physician's roles are to heal illness, alleviate suffering, and provide comfort for the sick and dying. He spoke eloquently and with feeling regarding his opposition to euthanasia and the legalization of assisted-suicide.

Dr. Edwards contributed significantly to the field of palliative and end of life care. He was particularly pleased that his article "Opioids and benzodiazepines appear paradoxically to delay inevitable death after ventilator withdrawal" was published recently in the Journal of Palliative Care. It is an important contribution to the care of those seriously ill and dying. His numerous published articles and ethical teachings will continue to guide others for years to come.

His dedication to ethics in medical care has inspired many medical professionals to enhance their approach to end of life care and to reject physician-assisted suicide.

During the last few years, he was often interviewed by reporters of regional and national media. Because of his personal encounter with serious illness, his views on this ethical subject were definite and were expressed through the sharply-focused lens of his lived experience. His courageous attitude at the end of his life exemplified his belief in the ethic that all human life is inherently valuable.

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