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See this new brochure that outlines many of the issues involved in assisted
suicide. Please feel free to copy and distribute.

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Many people use the word "Dignity" when talking about end of life issues. The view of PCCEF is that true dignity lies in the inherent value of each person. Here are two excellent articles and questionnaires that can help preserve dignity at the end of life:

Reference: Chochinov HM. Dignity-conserving care--a new model for palliative care: helping the patient feel valued. JAMA. 287(17):2253-60, 2002 May 1.

Tool: Dignity-Conserving Questions

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Reference: Chochinov HM. Hack T. Hassard T. Kristjanson LJ. McClement S. Harlos M. Dignity therapy: a novel psychotherapeutic intervention for patients near the end of life. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 23(24):5520-5, 2005 Aug 20.

Tool: Legacy Questionnaire
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