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March 27 , 2002

Power Over Pain Just Published

Book review: Power over Pain by Eric M. Chevlen, M.D., and Wesley J. Smith. Steubenville, Ohio: International Task Force, 2002, 220 pages, reviewed by N. Gregory Hamilton, M.D.

Doctor Eric Chevlen and attorney Wesley Smith have teamed up to write this fast moving and fascinating book about pain and its relief. From cancer pain to headaches, from fibromyalgia to sickle cell crisis, from shingles to multiple sclerosis, Power over Pain covers it. Chevlen and Smith translate into everyday language the complexities of a vast array of treatments -- long-acting opioids, everyday nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, sophisticated spinal infusion pumps, surgical procedures, even therapeutic radio nucleotides and a host of other treatments. Facing the problem of pain squarely, they discuss the side effects as well as the advantages of the many treatments available. Their writing is not only comprehensible; it is both accurate and interesting.

Along with providing knowledge needed to gain power over pain, Chevlen and Smith convey a message of compassion and confidence. For those with a life threatening illness, the message is clear: no one needs to die in unrelieved suffering. For those with less threatening, but equally painful conditions, there is also help. This is a book about the wonderful help available and how to go about getting it.

N. Gregory Hamilton, M.D.

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