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May 30 , 2000

Dear PCC member:

You may find the following information to be of interest with respect to the efforts by one of Oregon's senators to block passage of the Pain Relief Promotion Act. Please share this with any other individuals who may also find it of interest.

Contact me if you would like a full text copy of Wesley Smith's article.

William L. Toffler MD
National Director, PCC


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Senator Ron Wyden's claims of opposing assisted suicide are called into question by the revelation that one of his chief advisers on this issue is actually James L. Werth, a national leader in the assisted suicide and euthanasia movements.

In the article, "Better Off Dead? (Weekly Standard, May 29, 2000), author Wesley Smith reveals what Werth really stands for -- what he calls "rational suicide" for virtually anyone requesting it. Werth is out in front, pushing the envelope of the assisted suicide movement. He has written a book, "Rational Suicide? Implications for Mental Health Professionals." He has served on the board of the Death With Dignity National Center and is a featured speaker at this year's World Federation of Right to Die Societies.

Senator Wyden's relying on the advice of this right-to-die extremist calls into question the genuineness of his claim to oppose assisted suicide.


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