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Changing names, changing perceptions.

At the recent World Federation of Right to Die Societies conference in Toronto (Sept 7 - 10) a presentation was made concerning polling that had been done in the US concerning terminology that was considered more acceptable by the general public.

Clearly identified in the polling data was that the term suicide must not be used because it included negative connotations concerning actions that many people consider morally wrong. When the term assisted suicide was dropped for aid in dying or assisted dying the support for the same act increased.

The following articles simply represent the fact that the Oregon State government has been convinced that support for assisted suicide in their state will increase on a state-wide and national basis if they simply change the terminology.

People need to be concerned that the constant word smithing by euthanasia advocates will result in greater support for the same act that people have regularly voted against in plebiscites throughout the US. The idea is that if you think that something that you perceive to be wrong is something else then you can fool some of the people to support it.

In other words assisted suicide ceases to be assisted suicide if you stop calling it assisted suicide.

What's next.

Alex Schadenberg

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition



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